Sunset Lounge

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The sun is setting, the warm yellow lights of the resort begin to fill the sky, you hear a faint piano echoing from the restaurant where this evening’s dinner awaits. Sweet hints of peach and blooming flowers create the perfect Sunset Lounge. To call this candle indulgent would be an understatement. This candle truly captures the warm, calming ambiance of watching the night sky slowly creep up from the comfort of a 5-star lounge. Subtle whiffs of milky nectar and rich vanilla linger in the air long after you put it out.

● Soy/Wax Blend
● Custom Essential Oil Blend
● Burn time around 60-65 hours (will vary depending on use)

Top: Peach, Tiare Blossom
Middle: Coconut milk, Banana Nectar, Jasmine
Bottom: Ylang, Vanilla Cream