Peppermint Pop - Flamoro Candle Co.
Peppermint Pop - Flamoro Candle Co.

Peppermint Pop

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Ring in the holiday season with our Peppermint Pop candle. This hand-poured, carefully crafted aromatherapy holiday candle boasts a refreshing top note of peppermint cream. Cocoa and mint go together like 2 peas in a pod, creating a sweet, cool, and breezy aroma throughout the house. Finally, a strong coffee base note helps to ground the scent and keeps your nose from getting overwhelmed.

  • Soy/Wax Blend
  • Custom Essential Oil Blend
  • 15hr Burn Time
  • Every Candle Jar Hand-poured
  • 5.6oz

Top: Peppermint Cream

Middle: Cocoa, Mint

Base: Coffee